“Dreams are Extremely Important. You Can’t Do it Unless You Imagine It!” ............. George Lucas

Our Career Marketing Coaches are here to provide a creative look at your 'Dream Job', at a time 'You Need Us the Most!’

Our Dedicated Development Team!

That Keep a Pulse on Today's Job Search Marketplace to Tailor the Needs of Today's Clients!

Christian Smith

Christian is the Global Leader in Career Branding Management and Founder of the Career Marketing Management programs™.

An Entrepreneur, Human Resources, Career Transition, and Outplacement Professional, Christian launched CareerNiche in 2004 & Execusource Staffing Int. in 2000. He has spent years gathering experience and knowledge as a Top HR Recruiter and Hiring Authority that understands what companies look for in job candidates.

Christians expertise in the field makes him a valuable expert to anyone seeking Career Brand Management, Career Marketing Mastery™, Career Coaching Action Plans, Outplacement, and Entrepreneurial avenues. His extensive experience and knowledge in these areas has helped establish the brand of CareerNiche as the Leader in Career Transition Marketing services.

Susie Smith

As a Visionary Founder of CareerNiche, and its Career Marketing Management programs™, Susie has developed the Career Marketing Mastery™, Outplacement and Job Search Curriculum that provides individuals with proprietary courses, and one-on-one coaching to assist with future work and career trends within the new world of ever-changing technology and scientific breakthroughs.

Susie is dedicated to the clients' success and it shows through their ability to attain jobs in S/M Businesses, and Fortune 1000 organizations, or even as Entrepreneurs.

She looks forward to the singularity and has more of an optimistic view of the future than most Career Coaches as a Career Futurist.

As a Speaker, Susie offers seminars, talks, summits, workshops, and podcast guest on today & tomorrows job market platform with a look at future job trends.

Oscar Krol

As a CareerNiche Certified Resume Writer (CCRW) & LinkedIn Specialist, Oscar has accrued over 8 years of expertise in delivering exceptional writing to meet the needs of the client. As a self-published Novelist and graduate from McGill University, Oscar has developed a capacity to write detailed academic style papers as well as aid clients in writing technical manuals, copywriting and overhauling LinkedIn profiles.

As a member of the CareerNiche team, Oscar is determined to provide exceptional customer service while capitalizing on over 2 decades of multicultural experience to assist both Canadian and International clientele. Oscar is a firm believer of self-sufficiency and will strive to help clients in achieving their own professional self-sufficiency by producing them with high quality resumes.

We are in our 15th year of service for those in need of Career Transition Marketing Services!

The Mission of CareerNiche is to provide our clients with the World's Most Customized "ON DEMAND" Career Transition Services. We promise to guide our participants through the maze of constant and accelerating career change, life-work balance issues and organizational change. We will set the highest standard of customized service excellence to assist individuals in finding, developing, branding and promoting their authentic and ideal Career Path through exploration of their true talents.

At CareerNiche, we are passionate about providing our services with the highest regards to quality, customer satisfaction, and integrity. Our professional and experienced Career Success Coaches will guide the participants through their entire Career Brand Management process and assist in reaching their full potential in both their career and personal life.

Serving clients from all across Canada and the United States as well as International Countries since 2004, CareerNiche offers a wide range of innovative and effective programs that are customized to their needs.

CareerNiche is the first Career Branding Development company in North America, exclusively here to assist individuals through the progression of their entire career. Whether in need of assistance acquiring that perfect position or unsure of what direction to go in next, we will assist them in every step of the way and be their guide throughout the process.

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